Monday, January 17, 2011

long weekend, in more ways than one

Instead of a nice, restful 3 day weekend I decided to cram in as much as possible. Saturday: moved stuff out of Hannah's room and began painting. It wasn't long before I snuck out and left the remaining 3 walls to Chris and Hannah to finish. tee hee. Next was assembling her new night stand. When I read "some assembly required" I don't think "this will come in a small box of pieces and you will, for all intents and purposes build this yourself". But that's what it was. 3 hours later we had a painted bedroom and a nightstand. Hannah and I felt pretty good about the nightstand, I must say. Sunday: Build the matching dresser and remove all old furniture from Hannah's room. Put on new bedding and finish the desk I started building last weekend. Monday: take Hannah shopping for a Winter Formal dress, shoes and jewelry. Stop at Target too. I am so tired I can't see straight. I'm gonna go to bed now, I'll try to post pictures tomorrow. If I get out of bed. Haha.

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