Thursday, January 20, 2011

how did THIS happen?

sweet David, my 19 year old has played golf since he was 4. he has like 20 trophies in his room from various tournaments. He played Varsity in high school. In the past year he has decided to learn how to skate. he never owned a pair as a kid, never went to a roller rink or ice skating. a few months ago he dropped the bomb that he wanted to play hockey. I was hoping it was a phase, tho I should have known better. He is just like his dad with stuff like that. once they get interested it becomes an obsession. now he has joined a league and we went to watch them play tonight. what happened to my baby? he was out there holding his own with grown men. and those guys are really mean and aggressive. it was shocking. I liked golf better. I think I even like scuba diving better. hockey made my tummy hurt.

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