Monday, January 3, 2011

cleaning it all up

Christmas is packed and done. sort of. the boxes are still pilled high under my staircase but soon they will go up up up to the rafters in the sky. well, garage. The house, of course is still as mess. I have undertaken too many projects all at once and the house is suffering for it. David is trying to organize his room to incorporate all the things he took of my dad's. books, and pictures and knives and magazines. all piled up on the floor. so he is working on that. Hannah has decided her "baby furniture" has to go and wants her room completely re-done. all furniture replaced, new bedding, room painted. so there is that little mess. I have decided a lot of things in the house need to find new homes (trash). AND I have started a tiny little project of re-doing my office/studio AGAIN! It's just so cold and garage-y out here. I would like to get rid of all the art/craft stuff that doesn't pertain to jewelry and make it cozier in here. So that is how we are beginning the New Year at my house. Huge piles of junk and such all over the place. Fun fun.

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