Thursday, February 24, 2011

thanks Denise

well leave it to my spunky friend Denise to get me off my ass.  finally.  we walked 3 miles today and ya know what?  It felt great!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Met Joni Aka Julie McCoy at Mimi's for breakfast this morning. I had a buy one get one free coupon which just makes the whole experience that much more lovely. I feel kinda spoiled tho. Two play dates in two days. And tomorrow I'm walking with Denise so I'll be 3 for 3. Shouldn't I be working or something? Oh well, friends make everything better. Except when they make it worse. But that's more high school. We're too old for that!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

oh the fun!

today was an extra special day because I got to hang out at The Glass Studio with my friend (and the owner of said establishment) Cathi Milligan.  we had an awesome time poking around her store/studio.  We made some silver charms and toggles, we made crazy twisted glass stringer and we made plans to teach a class together soon.  I cannot wait to go back and you shouldn't wait to go either.  5052 York Blvd. Highland Park, California or call 323 257 0764    thanks Cathi!


Monday, February 14, 2011

valentine's day

I got to spend the day today with my friend Jill.  We did the girl thing by going to the mall and wandering around.  She took me to lunch at cheesecake factory (tho we refrained from the obvious ), and of course, we bought shoes at Nordstrom.  what would a girl's day out be with shoes from Nordie's?  I always look forward to time spent with Jill, and today was wonderful, as usual.  thanks Jill!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

too much to do

I have orders sitting on my desk, stuff to do for mom, a web site (big excitement) to finish, beads to clean.....but finally I have the burning desire to make stuff.  I want to play with silver and roll around in gemstones and make glass with a big flame!  Damn all the other "to do" crap.  If I throw myself on the floor kicking and screaming will I give in to my own hissy fit?  I'll get back to you on that.

Friday, February 4, 2011

distractions? who me?

so ok, I didn't make jewelry again today.  I took the car to Costco to have the flat fixed.  I poked around the house.  Then I got it in my head that I needed, had to have, right now....a website.  I have been enjoying my no website status.  I mean, blog, facebook and etsy?  Isn't that enough.  but I've been thinking about it and I think the website is a necessary evil.  of course if I don't get my ass in gear and make some things to sell I won't need a website.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

another day. 0 enameling

to be honest, I only tried once on a ratty scrap of copper.  but still.  no go.  I HATE not being able to succeed.  not that anyone enjoys failure.  wait.  do they?  well, anyway, I also hate the dust mask because it rubs the bridge of my nose and it hurts.  so don't yell at me but I put it all away.  I feel like I need to make something that actually IS something.

Baby it's windy outside

The newscasters are saying we need to prepare for a huge wind storm today. Of course today is the day I decided to bring my car in for service. They tell me the wait is about 2 hours and think, ok I can take a walk and get a bagel. Coffee. Read and hang out. Guess what? It's friggin' WINDY outside. Now I'm snug as a bug in Panera and Honda calls to say it'll be ANOTHER 1 1/2 hours! The car needs brakes too. Meanwhile the wind is blowing harder by the minute. No choice but to suck it up. 300+ sunny days a year and I decide to do this today. Typical me.