Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I confess. Hello, my name is stacey and I am a frozen coke addict. No not coke, like cocaine, frozen coca cola. I have been doing it for years. Sneaking half filled cans into the freezer (to full? Oops! They bubble over in frozen goopy delight) buying special freezing mugs, and going mental if the local gas station is featuring coke as a slurpee flavor. The night of my 10 year class reunion I had a coke slurpee and a pop tart for dinner knowing that whatever chicken slop was served I wasn't going to eat. After all these years it occurred to me a snow cone machine and a jug of coke syrup might be the way to go. Oh my! An addict making her own supply. Goodbye coffee in the morning! Goodbye Popsicles after dinner! Hello beautiful white snow drizzled in dark sticky coke syrup. Oh the joy. Combine that with now having access to a pool whenever I want....see you in the winter peeps!

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