Thursday, June 14, 2012

all good things.....

isn't that the saying?  all good things must come to an end?  do bad things HAVE to come to an end too (I hope!)?  I have had many things come to an end in the last few years. Some things I've struggled and suffered to say goodbye to.  other things were a sad relief.  I won't go into it all but its been a rough road.  now, a new loss is  around the corner.  i cant say i didn't see it coming but i am blind-sided nonetheless.  our beautiful, sweet dog Maddie (aka The Moo) will be leaving us soon.  she has been a huge part of the family for 11 years.  how do you prepare to say goodbye?  how do you know when its time?  i can't imagine life without the moo under foot, snoring or begging for food.  i cant imagine life without that beautiful face with the big brown cow eyes.

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