Monday, March 7, 2011

breakfast tea

all though I got a lot done over the weekend I had high hopes for today too.  a bunch of things have been circulating my feeble brain and yelling to be created.  I started out with good intentions, even got up early and showered BEFORE taking Hannah to school so I'd be ready to spend the day in the studio.  I dropped her off and realized I wanted a  cup of tea...down fall alert!!!  I can't go home because we are out of tea and starbucks would just be silly.  So I drive to Bed Bath and way Beyond because they have tea for my Kuerig machine.  only they're out.  so I drive to Kohls because oddly enough they carry it.  success!  they have my tea.  they are also having a good sale (ya know, like every day) so I poke around.  A sweater, blouse, t-shirt, jeans, bra AND tea and I'm out the door.  shit!  we need some groceries.  since I have already blown the morning I decide to take care of that too.  after putting away all of the above I start noticing a smell in the house which is very distinct....dis stinked!  of course now I've gotta clean fetus' cage.  and start laundry.  at this point i have worn myself out and decide a quick nap is the only solution.  I wake up just in time to pick up Hannah from cheer and have a snack with her.  It's 4:44 pm.  I think I may have shot this day to smithereens.  oh well, there's always tomorrow!  by the way, I never did have that cup of tea.

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