Friday, March 25, 2011

adventures with the Mahoney girls

if you know me at all you probably know Joni is one of my bestest friends.  we have been through a lot together.  good and bad.  she was totally there for me when my dad died.  I was with her as much as possible when her health took a very serious turn.  we have had great, fantastic laugh fests and many meals together.  Her daughter Hannah grew up with my son David from 3rd grade on.  She is 20 and attends college in Oregon.  I love this kid!  she is so wise, mature, funny and beautiful.  so Hannah is here for spring break and unfortunately we could only squeeze in one visit this time.  of course we chose to go to CPK (california pizza kitchen for those of you that live elsewhere).  what a fun afternoon!  Joni has done such a wonderful job raising Hannah and they always make me feel like family.  and I just wanted to thank them.  love you both!

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