Wednesday, July 28, 2010

new etsy!

today I am unveiling my new etsy store front:
I hope it's well liked. It's kind of my baby, connecting me to my childhood in some personal ways. I think it says a lot about me. even if nobody gets it but me..haha! I am gonna try to stay on top of it adding new things at least weekly. that alone will be a HUGE change.
in other "my life" news, David has left for Catalina Island to camp out with the Bison and 2 of his friends. they're gonna do some snorkeling and hiking. driving them out to San Pedro this morning was weird. that whole area down there is so UGLY! doesn't seem to fit with the rest of So. Cal. anyway I can't believe he won't be back until Friday. I know, it's only a couple days...but that kid keeps me laughing and I'll miss him. be safe David!

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