Friday, July 30, 2010

the fair - highlights!

ferris wheel
I feel sick just looking at it!

hannah and sara risk their lives!

my dinner!
fair food!
after avoiding the fair for close to 20 years I finally returned last night. it must have be twice the size it used to be. big scary rides, tons of animals and exhibits. the food was huge and disgusting, just like fair food should be. the biggest change I noticed (besides the general size of the place) was the absence of carnies. no carnies. anywhere. what IS a fair or carnival without carnies. working behind every booth I saw teenagers looking bored and making plans for after work over their customers heads. where was the shouting? the belittling? the out and out begging for you to "come give it a try" and "win the little lady one of these cute blue bunnies"?
it's a sad, sad day when teenagers can no longer stick to fast food places for summer jobs and have to take the jobs of innocent carnies.

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