Wednesday, May 23, 2012

almost a year later.....

my last post was close to a year ago.  so much has happened in that year.  major life changes.  most were traumatizing as they occurred, but now with distance, I see the good in the changes. I will probably take a few posts to catch you up, since i doubt you've settled in to read a novel today!  last year at this time I was still struggling with the loss of my dad on a daily basis.  that hasn't really changed.  a day has yet to pass that i don't shed at least a few tears.  maybe it will always be that way.  i don't know.
so i find myself living in a different place, without a husband.  the hamster has passed away and i seem to have misplaced some close friends.  the good news?  i love my new place, i am getting my business back on track after a 2 year derailment, i'm enjoying living MY life and have made some wonderful new friends.  when your life falls apart, its interesting to see who is still standing and who has fallen away.  i've learned alot.  i'm still confused about much more!  more later.....i've got work to do now!

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