Monday, September 13, 2010

new and improved studio!

in the midst of having some kind of cold/headache/low grade fever thing I have been re-working my studio. of course this is a painfully slow process when you only get tiny bursts of energy. the time had come to make my studio (aka: the cave, the closet, the hole etc.) more functional. peg board seemed to be the answer which required a trip to home depot. I am NOT a home depot person. I know some people really look forward to their little hardware fixes. not me. so I had big plans (and way too much stuff to make it possible) to get organized. I have done the best I can and will have to live with the results until the next wave of "I need to organize my cave"hits.

In other news the incredible Cathi Milligan opened her glass studio this past weekend. It is called "The Glass Studio" and is in Los Angeles. if you're in the area check it out:
5052 York Blvd
Highland Park
323 257 0764
of course I missed the big grand opening wing-ding because of my sniffles but I have heard it was a huge success! congratulations Cathi! love you bunches!

I also missed the arrival and departure of the amazingly talented Sylvie Lansdowne (aka: the wonder twin) in her California appearance. this was also a big disappointment as we had big plans to get into Sylvie/Stacey trouble. Sylvie! come back!

Lastly, the bronze queen herself, Cris Leonard was also here in Cali hanging out in beautiful Cambria, another missed chance on my part. Cris, I am so bummed. would have loved to see you and Paul. next time, ok?

so that about wraps up this past week. oh, and Hannah started 10th grade today so the whirlwind of school begins again. usually I mourn the end of summer but not this time. summer sucked so I happily kick it in the ass and say bye bye. no fault of yours Hannah. sorry you have to suffer the consequences. but you have learnin' to do and I have mental repairs that need to take place. haha!

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